Christine’s Crush (Literally) – Part 1

Bryan is a young, leaned boy who loves sports, especially soccer. He plays twice weekly at school practices, and sometimes represents his school in tournaments.

He is 17 this year, and just had his growth spurt, and is just starting to learn more about his body. It wasn’t until he met Christine that his life changed.

Christine studies in the same class as Bryan, and plays hockey. Every Tuesday and Thursday, she would end her training and rest at the spectator stands, resting and cooling down before taking a shower. And every time she ended, the soccer team would still be playing, as their training ends half an hour later.

Christine is fond of this cute and tall boy, who’s name is Bryan. Week after week she stayed back to watch him play till the end, as a defender. She liked the outline of his chest and abs through his soaking wet shirt, as well as how small and tight his shorts were, appearing to unable to hold his junk any longer. They looked just like swim trunks, which Christine loved and could not stop staring at it whenever he played. He also had thick thighs, which made his bulge appear even clearer.

“How could boys run with these dangling things? ” she thought as Bryan sprinted to tackle the opponent of the ball, with wide strides. Amidst the messy action, it all happened in a blink of an eye when the opponent launched a high kick in the direction of Bryan, and the ball went flying. Unintentionallly, it did not travel far before coming right into contact with Bryan’s exposed nuts and collided right into them with a loud thud.

Bryan went into shock and fell over onto the ground, one hand grabbing his balls and the other covering his red-flushed face, trying to withstand the pain. Failing terribly, his lower body jerked uncontrollably and he rolled from side to side.

Bryan could not describe the feeling he was feeling. The pain pulsated through his testicles and abdomen, and it just seemed to get worse. He had been accidentally kneed in the nuts before, when he was trying tackle the ball from a group of players, but has never felt such pain.

The pain was indescribably bad, and Bryan groaned in tears.

Meanwhile, Christine saw the commotion and felt turned on. Boys just love to play soccer, despite risking getting hit in their privates so frequently? And such a fit boy like Bryan could even cry from the pain.

“Christine, why are you still here? ” her coach came by to ask her. “Ah, I’m going off now coach, bye! ” she replied as she packed her stuff and went. It was getting late and she had to get home before her parents starts to worry.

After what felt like an eternity, Bryan slowly managed to stand up, but the burning sensation in his throbbing balls and gut forced him to limp his way home.

After he reached home, he nursed his balls. They seem to be redder than usual. Bryan then went into his bathroom and started jerking off, thinking about how great today has been for him. He always had a fetish for ballbusting, and today was the worst pain he ever felt, but his most enjoyable experience. He ejaculated after a while, hoping that the next time the same thing happens to him won’t be too long later.

The first class today was Chemistry, and Christine felt relieved after she hardly managed to finish her homework after returning home from training yesterday. The Chemistry teacher was quite strict, and liked to give detentions as punishment.

Bryan walked into the class and sat at his table at the front row. Christine’s attention helplessly shifted towards him, as she stared at his biceps. Bryan walked towards her to pass a T Shirt to a guy that sat behind. Christine’s eyes darted to the side where she caught the perfect view of his crotch, and as usual it seemed huge as it bulged out at his zippers on his tight pants.

She also was able to catch some of the cologne that he was wearing, and she loved it. “How are your balls? ” Christine blurted out accidentally. Bryan turned to her and gave her the smile which struck her heart, and said “Stronger”.

Christine blushed. What did she just say? That was the most embarrassing moment ever! A flurry of thoughts rushed through her mind when the Chemistry teacher entered and started the class.

When the teacher asked for homework, Bryan then realised that he had completely forgotten about it the day before! After the whole incident at training yesterday, he was too excited to recall anything the previous night. He accepted his fate as the teacher sentenced him to detention after school. “I’m sorry Bryan but no soccer for you today. ” the teacher grumbled.

As the lessons went on, Christine could not stop stealing glances at Bryan. “He’s quite hot”, she thought to herself. Meanwhile, Bryan was also focused on what Christine asked her just now. “Was she there when it happened? “.

Bryan had actually been fancying Christine since last year when they were in separate classes. She wore those really short shorts and tight shirt which really exhibited her large breasts as well as her well-toned thighs and calves. Bryan frequently fantasized about Christine ball – busting him, as he really loved how sexy she looked while on the field.

The detention room had a window facing the field. The hockey team plays at a small separate field at the side of the soccer field, so it wasn’t too far away to be seen. He decided not to bother with finishing his incomplete homework and tried squinting his eyes to look for Christine at the hockey field.

He stood at the small window, still trying to look for her. The detention room was empty except for him today, so he had all the freedom he wanted. There are also seldom checks by the teachers because it was quite a distance away from the staff room. It was also quite secluded as the place was not quite well – lit except for near the window where the sunlight could pass though.

After looking for a while, his eyes started to tire from all the squinting. He used his hands to massage his eyes when a stick flew in between his legs from behind and smashed his nut sack with a loud ‘thud’. The force travelled upwards through his body, which almost lifted him off the ground. He looked down and saw the horrible sight, what looked like a flat and curved stick struck him right on his nutsack outlined though his shorts , but just as he tried to look back to see who did this to him when he felt energy being sapped from his legs, as they trembled weakly before he eventually collapsed into a heap on the ground, clutching his balls and rolling around on the floor in pain, which felt enjoyingly familiar.

Christine was excited that Bryan had detention today. He would have to miss training, unfortunately, and that means no chance to admire him on the field.

After school, she changed into her sports attire and prepared herself for warm-up. She grabbed her hockey stick and made her way to the field from the locker room. Then, she just remembered that the detention room was nearby, and Bryan could be inside. She slipped away from her team and creeper to the detention room, down a long and dark corridor.

As she reached, the door seemed open so she peered inside. There was Bryan! He was facing away from her, and looking out of the window. She glanced down and saw that Bryan was in his tiny shorts he always wore for his soccer practice, and noticed his cute butt. As she looked closer she could even see the outline of his nut sack at the front of his groin, in between his legs!

Unable to control her ballbusting fetish any longer, and especially at this perfect place and moment when she and Bryan were alone, she stealthily sneaked up behind Bryan. Bryan seemed so fixated outside that she went unnoticed.

She grabbed her hockey stick with both her hands and placed them between his legs, and swung upwards with all her might, and like a golf club, the tip of the stick slammed right into Bryan’s nutsack. Christine thought she might have used too much force, as Bryan seemed to have jumped from the shock. Before Bryan realised what happened, she retracted her stick and backed away towards the door. She was going to escape sneakily!

She watched as Bryan groaned and collapsed on the ground right after, and rolled around on the ground in agony. Before he could find the culprit, Christine giggled softly and left the room, and went back for her training.

After struggling with the pain for a while, he limped outside to see if the culprit was still around. He was quite sure he was hit with a hockey stick as he saw it with his own eyes as he looked below at his groin when he got hit. The stick was retracted just as he collapsed.

His balls were even more swollen than yesterday, from the impact by the soccer ball, and now, a hockey stick. Still, he felt a little aroused and his erection raged it’s way out of his pants. It felt quite uncomfortable as it was already quite a squeeze down there. ‘That was really hot, ‘he thought. He loved nutshots, but a surprise attack turned him on more.

He went back to the window and glanced at the hockey field. Christine was already there, doing her hockey practice. He smiled as he realised the colour of her stick was the same one he saw below his nuts before his world turned into excruciating pain.


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