Chris and Gabrielle – Episode 5 – Serene

This time Chris went to the club pool alone, to have some quiet time with himself. He was wearing the same tight white trunks that Gabrielle got him.
He swam a few laps to warm up his body, making sure that all the girls around admired his lean and tanned body. 
And out of the corner of his eye, he spotted this girl, who looked like the most beautiful girl ever. She had larger breasts than Gabrielle, and had thinner, and smooth pale legs, and her abs confirm that she was someone who liked to keep fit.
Cheekily, he swam along the outer lanes of the pool, nearer to where the girl was sitting at the chairs, and pretended not to notice her.
Helplessly, he stole a few glances at her body, only to stare a few seconds too long and caught the attention of the hot girl.
After a couple more laps, he emerged from the water, hoping that the girl was still around. As he was climbing out at the edge of the water and about to stand up, he felt a foot smash into his testicles in his constricting trunks, lost balance and fell backwards into the pool. 
He tried to endure the pain while struggling to hold his breath in water, grabbing his aching nuts. Luckily, the cold water provided a little comfort for him.
The girl was waiting for Chris to come out, but Chris was too distracted to notice. She smiled as she felt his big junk on her foot, and watched as the good looking boy took the pain from his testicles.
After swallowing a gallon of water, Chris managed to climb out of the water, sat down nursing his ache and looked around for the bastard, feeling irritated. 


When he saw the hot girl standing in front of him, his eyes lit up as he tilted his head up to admire her thighs, and her covered body parts. Her breasts towered over him, and her gaze at his bulge in his trunks gave him a clue that he loved.
Her name was Serene. She was a year younger than Chris, and came to the pool often. They went inside the female showers, with Serene assuring Chris that no one would be around at this timing. He was afraid and wasn’t convinced, since he saw a couple of people just now.
“Okay let’s go inside”, Serene said as he held Chris’ hand and led him into a cubicle, and made sure that the door was locked. 
Chris’ hard on raged in his wet trunks, as he continued to comprehend the perfection of events occuring around him. Serene had a really sexy body, even more so than Gabrielle, Chris decided.
“Er… Have you heard of ballbusting? ” asked Serene shyly. Chris nodded eagerly and told her about his secret fetish. He understood that Serene had the same fetish too, but had long been trying to learn about it. She was born in a poor family, so Internet or TV were occasional luxuries. She had saw her friend kick a guy in the nuts for trying to rape her, and she won the fight easily.
Serene actually saw Chris the previous time in the pool days ago, when he came over with Gabrielle and secretly saw them doing ballbusting. Serene thought he was really hot, and thought she would not be able to see him again.
Miracles happen, and they met today. 
“Who was that girl?” Serene asked out of curiosity. “Oh, its just my sister,” Chris lied, not wanting to reveal too much about their relationship, afraid that he will lose Serene.
“I see. ” Serene affirmed as she launched a weak knee upwards into Chris’ nutsack, hurting him a little as his balls were constricted by the tight trunks.
Chris felt a small ache and numbness, but could withstand the pain easily.
“Wow you are so strong!” Serene remarked. Chris blushed slightly, as Serene kneed a few more times, not knowing that she did not put in enough strength. 
She tried punching his bulge, carelessly missing his testicles and hitting his penis.
“Does it not hurt?” Serene asked. “It will bring down all males, but I’m strong” Chris said confidently.
Serene believed it and they both started kissing and groping in the cubicle, enjoying themselves. Serene was really impressed by how hot and how strong Chris was.
Before anyone discovered them, they queitly unlocked the cubicle and said their goodbyes, as Chris walked towards the exit of the female shower.
About to turn left to head out, a familiar figure stepped out and slammed her knees into Chris’ nutsack, directly hitting both testicles with significant amount of force. The impact caused Chris to stay rooted on the ground for a few seconds, before the pain overcame him and sent him collapsing onto his knees, leaning forward with both hands cupping his testicles.
Gabrielle had heard their conversation, and glared at Serene who looked very surprised, her hands trying to hide the shock on her face.
Gabrielle was coincidentally at the pool that very hour, and felt a little betrayed as she saw Chris hook up with Serene as she was resting by the jacuzzi at a well hidden spot.
Chris was confused as he saw Gabrielle, and could not think of anything but the pain of her powerful knee.
Unfortunately, 3 more girls, who looked around the same age as him, saw the commotion and came into the female shower, seeing a male down on the floor, to their surprise.
“What a pervert!” One exclaimed. “He tried to rape me, we should all punish him”, Gabrielle said. Chris hurriedly denied, just as he felt a foot connect into his balls from behind. Serene had actually made a running head start and threw her foot upwards, hitting his exposed and dangling balls slightly visible in his white trunks.
He doubled over and started rolling on the floor in pain, which made Serene aroused by the fact that she had the power to take down a strong boy like Chris.
“One knee each and I’ll let this pass”, Gabrielle remarked. Chris protested but seeing all the hot girls surrounding him, and their tight swimsuits, he agreed to comply and stood upright, legs shoulder width apart.
The first girl came up and kneed Chris, completely failing as she striked his left thigh. The second tried to knee, but she couldn’t lift her legs high enough for her height so she gave up. The third knee from the third girl got him good, as he struggled to keep his balance and bent over. 
Fourth came Serene. She seemed confident again now that she saw how Gabrielle disabled him. She grabbed Chris’ shoulders and launched her knee with full force, connecting with the outline of his balls in his trunks and smashed them upwards, feeling the squishiness of them and pushed until she felt them get trapped onto his pelvic bone.
Chris just stood wide eyed as he swore that was the furthest his nuts went from a knee from a girl. The pain pulsated through his entire body, as he almost felt his nut crack. It was worth it though, as he managed to glance at her breasts bouncing as she executed the motion.
His legs vibrated and he felt himself fainting, when Gabrielle went behind Chris and kicked her feet upwards into his unprotected oval shaped nuts, hooking it upwards.
Chris was taken aback and looked down helplessly at a feet planted into his manhood between his legs. The pain amplified by a million times, as he tried to push away the feet that wouldn’t let go of his testicles.
Chris fell forward into a ball, rolling violently on the floor, and threw up the lunch he had hours ago. 
The girls watched with attention as they got aroused by the sheer pain their strikes caused, and admired his sweating muscular body as Chris suffered. 
Afterwards they took turns to look at Chris’ bruised jewels as they pulled down his trunks, and of course with Gabrielle giving him a light flick onto his left nut, sending him into turmoil yet again.
At night back home, Chris jerked off to what he had experienced in the afternoon, fantasising about Serene and Gabrielle and the other girls, kicking his nuts.


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