Chris and Gabrielle – Episode 4

Chris and Gabrielle met over at the latter’s house. They had planned to had some fun today.
In Gabrielle’s messy room, a large space was cleared for both of them to sit down.
“Let’s play ball today,” said Gabrielle, holding up a tennis ball.
Chris groaned. He knew what the game was about, from watching online clips. The aim was to throw the ball at each other’s genitals, until one person gives up.
Chris automatically sat down with legs spread in front, exposing his bulge between his legs in his loose shorts. Gabrielle did the same.
“This is so unfair, it hurts guys more down there” Chris complained. Gabrielle smirked and made her first throw.
Thud, the tennis ball hit the floor, completely missing Chris’ ballsack as the ball did not travel far enough.
Reaching for the ball with his right hand, he prepped himself for his first shot, aiming at Gabrielle’s vagina. 
He threw, and instantly regretted underestimating his strength, as the ball travelled with unexpectedly much force and hit Gabrielle square in her left breast.
Gabrielle was shocked by the impact and clutched her boob, nursing it, just when a sharp, nauseous pain caused her to wince and double over.
She had never felt so much pain before, and wondered if she was going to die. Chris, on the other hand, stood up, with a heavy look of guilt on his face, and walked over to apologise to Gabrielle.
Gabrielle immediately threw her fist into Chris’ bulge at the front of his shorts, missing his testicles as his penis shielded them from the impact. Chris knew Gabrielle was angry, and pretended that Gabrielle’s punch hit him directly in the jewels in order to not agitate her. 
He stumbled and crawled to the ground, with right hand grabbing his ballsack.
“Stop pretending, I know I missed” Gabrielle retorted, looking irritated. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to”, Chris hurriedly apologised.
“I know, but it hurts so much,” Gabrielle said as she gagged, clutching her boob, looking as if she was about to throw up.
“Maybe God made girls that way too,” Chris laughed, as he felt a flying slap into his bulge, again hitting his penis only, causing him to wince a little. 
“Okay let’s have a squeezing competition then.” Gabrielle remarked. Chris was excited, he had never seen nor tried it before.
The game was to squeeze the testicles or breasts until one person gave up. If Chris lost, he would have to endure 5 knees to his nuts, but if he won, he could knee Gabrielle’s crotch 5 times. Sounds fair enough, as Chris did not want to treat Gabrielle too harshly.
They positioned themselves opposite each other, with both person fumbling for each other’s parts. When Chris got hold onto Gabrielle’s breast with each hand at the area near the nipples, and Gabrielle holding onto each of his nuts, they started at the count of three.
The world seemed to twist and turn when they started. Chris, on one hand, had a stronger grip and was squeezing hard on Gabrielle’s breasts, while Gabrielle, although with a weak grip, was putting significant pressure on Chris’ testicles.
Chris felt pain travel through his core and his legs felt weaker by the second. His vision started to get blurry and his grip was loosening.
Gabrielle never felt so much pain in her life and was on the verge of giving up. Tears filled her eyes and she was trying hard not to throw up her lunch.
Chris legs trembled violently as he bent over, losing the energy to remain standing. Gabrielle’s grip was stuck onto his testicles, squeezing every sperm and activating every possible pain receptor. 
Gabrielle bent over in pain too, but she tried very hard not to give up. She saw Chris on the verge of giving up, so she summoned all her willpower to carry on, showing that male’s have a very sensitive weak point.
Just seconds later, Gabrielle threw up from the pain and let go of Chris’s testicles, as she hugged her breasts in pain, nursing them while lying on the floor, panting.  
Chris was still barely standing, as Gabrielle let go of her grip. However, he swore it felt as though she never let go for a full minute, as the pain still lingered deep inside his testicles and he had to use a hand to steady himself against the wall.
Chris saw that Gabrielle threw up, and went up with a concerned look, helping her to clean up.
“Okay you win, maybe boobs are more sensitive after all”, Gabrielle admitted, wiping her mouth with her hand. “Five knees from you.”
Chris was so surprised that he won. He was almost certainly sure that he will lose the game, since he had a pair of ultra weak testicles.
Chris went up for the first knee, placing both palms on Gabrielle’s shoulders, knowing that it will cause minimal pain, just slight discomfort for Gabrielle. He used only a little strength, afraid to hurt Gabrielle.
He could have asked for boob punches if he won, but he was not a mean person. 
Gabrielle then took the subsequent few knees with hardly any reaction.
He was reading for the fifth and last knee, left leg backwards and right leg forward, ready to launch his final knee, when Gabrielle launched her thigh upwards with force, connecting it into his vulnerable ballsack hanging freely between his open legs in his shorts.
Gabrielle managed to launch 2 more quick knees with Chris in that position, giving little reaction time. 
Chris stumbled sideways and fell onto the ground, clutching his balls, feeling that they were about to explode from pain. The abdominal pain made him nauseous, and he threw up onto the floor.
“Uuugggghhh”, he groaned a couple of times as he threw up again. Those sly knees felt extremely painful, contributed by Gabrielle’s ego from losing the initial game, as well as his vulnerable position when preparing for his final knee, which gave Gabrielle the golden opportunity.
“So I still win?” Gabrielle said. “Yes you win” Chris wimpered, as he enjoyed the familiar yet unique pain he was experiencing.
They ended the day with the tennis ball game, with Chris careful to throw lightly and deliberately miss every shot, while Gabrielle threw aggressively at Chris’ testicles, pounding them directly a few times as Chris doubled over, and Gabrielle watched with arousal and slight pity. After that Gabrielle gave Chris a handjob, to which Chris shot out a violent stream of semen across the room.


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