Chris and Gabrielle – Episode 3

The trip to the pool was a great one. Chris and Gabrielle could not wait for the next outing with each other.
At Chris’ home, Gabrielle wore over a fancy dress, disappointing Chris as it didn’t expose much.
Both of them were clicking away on their laptops. “Hey, why does it hurt so much?” Gabrielle asked. “I don’t know. After puberty, it grows bigger and the pain can get worse” Chris replied from a bit of experience.
“It says that the balls has a lot of nerve endings, and it grows during puberty”, Gabrielle nodded. And being so interested, they both started researching scientific and medical information, then went on to Youtube to watch educational videos, self defence nut kicks as well as poor guys getting kicked there.
“Show me pleaseeee” Gabrielle pleaded. With a sigh, Chris complied with plasure and pulled down his boxer shorts, and immediately his boner jumped out as Gabrielle admired the package of a male. 
Leaning forward, Gabrielle flicked her index finger and snapped it onto his left testicle. To her surprise Chris suddenly bent over and rolled onto his bed. “What….. Are you acting…” Gabrielle mumbled. Chris hoarsely replied, “It hurts for real”. 
Gabrielle was confused by how much pain that a light flick of her fingers brought. Chris had managed to survive her first knee, why couldn’t he withstand a light flick?
Giving time for Chris to recover, she found on Google that a flick actually caused a lot of pain since the impact was concentrated on only a small area, that’s why it caused more reaction.
“Do you think God created testicles for males to compensate for their superior strength?” Gabrielle asked, sounding unusuallly philosophical. “I guess so, these things are the ultimate burden” Chris replied.
Gabrielle gave two flicks simultaneously on each testicle, causing Chris to jerk up suddenly and let out a sharp yell.
“Oh my, these things are the worst body parts you can possibly have. Its so easily accessible and strikeable by another person.” Gabrielle observed.
“Nahh, I don’t think anyone can reach these things without trying very hard” Chris asserted.
“Wanna try me?” Chris invited Gabrielle to try to strike him in the nuts and bring him down, while he tried his best to defend himself.
“Bring it on” Gabrielle grinned. She had absolutely no experience in fighting, including Judo or Martial Arts, but she was quite confident that girls should easily bring a male opponent down as their weak spots were made to be accessible.
Chris reached his left hand towards her right breast and started groping it, right hand covering his nuts. Gabrielle did not move, allowing Chris to continue.
Chris got so aroused that he carelessly forgot about his nuts and his right hand went up to touch her left breast too. His boner was twitching wildly, and precum could be seen.
Gabrielle took this opportunity and conveniently reached her right hand down, grabbed both his nuts and started squeezing, as if they were stress balls.
Chris felt the pain building up, and his body slowly got weaker and weaker. His hands naturally dropped away from Gabrielle’s chest and went on to cover his groin area, around Gabrielle’s right hand which was mercilessly squeezing his balls, and bent over. His thighs started trembling and his face felt warmer.
“See, boys are easily distracted” Gabrielle said, as she did not let go of her firm squeeze. 
After what seemed like an eternity, she finally let go, and Chris fell back onto his bed and nursed his aching nuts.
“Cute girls like you are irresistable”, Chris said, making Gabrielle blush. He stood up, and tried to touch Gabrielle again, only to stumble and fall as his legs were weak from the previous squeeze.
After slowly steading himself, he managed to stand up straight and still, legs firmly planted apart for balance. 
He was all focusing on steadying hinself when he felt a flat object come into contact with his ballsack. As he looked down to his groin, he realised Gabrielle’s feet was already planted square on, smashing his nuts upwards and making a thud sound. Gabrielle had sneakily kicked him from behind while he was not paying attention.
He almost felt his body being lifted upwards, he he groaned loudly and doubled over, rolling around on his bed, his body jerking wildly from the pain.
“Dirrct hit!” Gabrielle exclaimed. “See, we can even kick from behind.”
“That was hot, and painful ugggggghhhh” Chris admitted. After groaning for a few minutes, he laid resting on the bed, short of breath.
Chris said “Well a kick from behind cannot be anticipated, so the pain is sudden and the guy has no time to react”, to which Gabrielle nodded.
“Let’s try it again!”, Gabrielle hinted, passing Chris the tight, white swimming trunk that she bought him for swimming.
Chris wore it submissively, trapping his nuts in the tight fabric. He faced away from Gabrielle and braced for another kick.
Gabrielle smiled as she saw the fine outline of his two testicles from behind, and cheekily admired Chris’ cute buttocks.
Gabrielle kneeled down between his legs and threw a punch upwards directly into his scrotum, feeling the warmness and softness of his package.
Chris jumped. He was taken aback both by the surprise of the punch instead of a kick, as well as the unbearable pain. Gabrielle was really good at punching as she has strong arms from rock climbing.
With insufficient time for reaction, Gabrielle threw 4 more quick punches, before Chris’ legs gave way and he collapsed onto his kneeling position, head leaning on his bed and his right hand covering his nuts.
Gabrielle reached her hand into his trunks and felt for his warm, wet penis, and stroked slowly and firmly, as Chris ejaculated into his trunks.
They then went on to enjoy the day, as wet penis and pussy found each other.


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