Chris and Gabrielle – Episode 2

Chris woke up to a heavy ache in his testicles. He saw Gabrielle already dressed up, so he tried his best to stand without losing balance. After trying so hard clumsily, Gabriellle helped him up into the shower and closed the door with both of them inside.
She helped him to clean up, and stroked his penis and playfully flicked his nutsack a couple of times along the way.
“Women are stronger because they bleed every month”, Gabrielle insisted. Chris said, “Well, guys have testicles from birth until we die”. 
“Okay to be honest that sucks. But i love it”, Gabrielle giggled cutely. 
Today they were going to swim at a pool at a private club which Chris’ dad owned a membership.
Yesterday, the couple went shopping and promised to wear whatever the other person chooses. Chris sneakily chose a really small bikini while Gabrielle chose a piece of white coloured, tight swim trunks.
“Who on earth wears white trunks,” Chris complained. Gabrielle answered, “Well I can see your balls more clearly when its wet”.
After putting on both of their selected swimsuits, they both dipped into the wading pool. 
They started swimming slowly, and talked crap whenever they were resting. 
Suddenly Gabrielle got an idea, “Hey, do you think a nut kick would work better in swim trunks?” Chris eyes lit up as he got the hint, and got out to the poolside, legs shoulder width apart.
Gabrielle was right. With a wet piece of white trunks, it was almost translucent as Chris’ balls were easily identifiable. Gabrielle eagerly prepared herself.
Standing several feets apart, she started with a run and lifted her leg upwards, and made contact between her feet and Chris’ package, with a loud thud as water came into contact.
Chris could not help but admire her sexy thighs and her covered areas, but collapsed gradually as the pain crept up to his stomach and down to his thighs, rendering him unable to stand. 
“What? Its just the first one”, Gabrielle complained. “Uggggggh…. I can’t stand…..” Chris struggled. For a guy who seemed strong to Gabrielle, she was happy that her first kick brought Chris down, and her trick of buying Chris a tight underwear and making him go into the pool first worked. The constricted wet trunks contracted more, and held his testicles more firmly in place for a stronger impact.
“See, the trunks worked”, Gabrielle chucked. “Nahh Im just tired from Monday” Chris said as he forced himself to stand with pain, and prepare for another kick.
“Just knee me, I will stand” Chris said with weak confidence. Gabrielle placed her palms on his shoulders and launched her right knee upwards, feeling his warm package as she squished it into his pelvis.
Chris doubled over and rolled up, hands cupped tightly around his balls, twisting and turning on the floor with pain.
Gabrielle was filled with excitement as she realised the true effectiveness of a correct strike to the male testicles, and the strategy of trapping the balls using wet underwear. She giggled with a little bit of guilt as she saw Chris in so much pain.
After a whole 10 minutes Chris managed to recover, face flushed red. “Oh my god….” Chris complained. But they both enjoyed it.
“I swear this swimming trunk is the culprit,” Chris said. Gabrielle shrugged.
Chris looked so much more attractive with a wet body. Gabrielle gave a backhand slap to Chris’ testicles, forcing him to roll on the floor. For a small guy, he has a decent sized package, Gabrielle admitted.
Gabrielle sat beside Chris who was lying flat on the ground, beside his groin. She slid her right hand into his trunks and found his penis and started stroking.
With her left hand, she punched his testicles for every 5 strokes. This time, she aimed for the left testicle, then right, in an alternating motion.
Chris felt his body jerk as he felt the sharp pain on his left, then on his right. He started to see stars at a few minutes in.
As usual, Gabrielle crawled over Chris and set her knees back, giving Chris one last solid knee, pushing her kneecap into his package and held it there to feel the warmth, as the pain overwhelmed him and knocked him out.


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