Chris and Gabrielle – Episode 1

Chris was a young boy nearing his twenties, and has a fetish for ballbusting ever since he was from a very young age. Every time he saw a male react violently to a kick in the testicles on television, he would get aroused and secretly hoped that a girl would hit him in the nuts one day. Till today, he hasn’t been able to experience that. As such, he often self-ballbusts in the toilet during shower times, and ejaculates to the deep, dull pain. 
With a high ego, he was sure that he can withstand a strong hit, since he has been playing with the pain for a number of years. It was until his college years where he met a female classmate he was quite fond of, Gabrielle.
Gabrielle was a loud girl, and she was quite sporty compared to the other girls. She was in the Climbing Club, and is a dancer too. 
One day, Chris decided to confess his fondness of Gabrielle. To his surprise, she invited him over to her house. 
Nervous, Chris thought of how to ask Gabrielle to satisfy his ballbusting fetish.
The day came and Chris wore a tight fit shirt and shorts, making sure that his package stood out from the bulge between his legs.
Gabrielle wore a really short skirt and sports bra, that was all. Chris could not help but let his hard on go wild.
Gabrielle saw that and they both approached each other, becoming more intimate. Chris finally decided to admit his fetish, “Gab, want to kick my nuts? I can stand it.”
Gabrielle smirked and blushed a little, and said, “Wow, you are into that sort of thing too?”
Now Chris let go a sigh of relief as he didn’t turn Gabrielle off right away by his weird fetish, plus she seemed quite intersted too.
Chris removed his top and shorts, revealing a tight boxer brief, holding his hanging nuts perfectly in place when he spread his legs to shoulder width.
Gabrielle walked up slowly in front of Chris and gave a firm knee, directly hitting both of his balls.
Chris winced from the pain as Gabrielle retracted her knee, arousing Chris a little as he saw her beautiful thigh, and a glance of her panties.
Chris was ready for the incoming pain, and stood with knees bent, enduring the abdominal pain and numbness with moderate ease.
Gabrielle was shocked that Chris actually withstood the pain. From young, Gabrielle was taught that any kick to the balls will be able to disable any male with no exceptions, and she was quite disappointed.
“Can i punch you instead?”, she asked. Chris nodded, with a little red on his face as his heart pumped a little faster. Gabrielle kneeled on one leg in front, Chris almost thought she was going to give a blowjob, and his hard on was twitching wildly.
Gabrielle observed the outline and shape of his testicles from the fabric, and took aim. Using a bit of body weight and momentum, she slammed her knuckles into the warm and squishy package of Chris.
Chris was rooted by surprise, as Gabrielle’s punch felt much stronger than her knee, or maybe he has not fully recovered from the previous knee. 
This time, Chris’ face winced a little, and he could not help but bend down a lot more, right hand on his aching nuts, and left hand supporting his body, with knees still off the floor.
Gabrielle felt more satisfied with her punch, as it seemed to be more painful for Chris. Gabrielle wanted more, so she asked Chris, “Can we do it a few more times, if you can survive 3 punches I will do a handjob for you.”
Chris was already determined to ask for more, since Gabrielle made that offer, he accepted it eagerly, and steadied himself in the standing position.
Gabrielle punched Chris squarely in the balls. Chris bent over in pain, but still managed to remain standing.
Second punch delivered with all of Gabrielle’s might. She was enjoying this. Chris’ eyes opened wide, as the influx of pain started to overcome him. His legs trembled as he struggled to remain standing.
“Third punch!” exclaimed Gabrielle as she pushed her fist one last time into Chris’s testicles, and Chris finally collapsed onto his knees and bent over, forehead on the ground and grabbing his painful balls.
As Chris was resting in that position, with his buttocks and testicles exposed, Gabrielle reached in for his penis and started stroking. One stroke, two stroke, three stroke. Chris moaned. This was the best time of his life.
Gabrielle did not have enough. With only three strokes, she grabbed one testicle firm in each hand with her thumb and index finger, and started pressing. One moment pleasure, another moment pain. But Chris loved it, as precum dripped from his penis head.
Each second felt like a century for Chris, who felt like he entered hell when his testicles were squeezed.

After 10 seconds, Gabrielle let go and stroked his penis slowly and firmly for another three times. Then another 10 seconds of pressing. 
After 5 minutes, Chris knees could no longer support his body as he fell flat onto the ground. Gabrielle took off her skirt and panties, exposing her wet pussy. She also removed her bra, pressing her melons into Chris’ face, much to his enjoyment.
Gabrielle guided herself to Chris’ penis and let it go inside her body. She started humping with increasing speed, the adrenaline and dopamine in her body making her unable to stop.
Few moments later, she felt cum shoot inside her, and in the crawling position, she brought back her knees and slammed it into Chris’ red balls for one last time as he blacked out, and saw a brief fountain of semen shoot out.
What a great day, thought Gabrielle. I like Chris.


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